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Test Name: DRUG SCREEN 9 PANEL - MECSTAT (MECONIUM)       Test #LAB12332

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Drug Screen 9 Panel - MecStat

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Collection Requirements:

1. Initiate collection for newborn meconium if a clinical situation arises to indicate a drug/alcohol screening and the cord is not available.
NOTE: Because meconium is heterogeneous and drugs do not appear to diffuse throughout the entire meconium mass, the pooling of multiple passings of meconium is highly encouraged until the milk stool appears. Three grams (1 teaspoon) of meconium are necessary for maximum sensitivity.
2. Place the liner in the diaper so that as meconium is passed, it collects on the liner instead of the diaper.
3. Transfer the meconium from the diaper liner to the collection vial using the spatula provided. (If a kit is not available, a non-sterile, screw-top urine container and wooden tongue depressor may be used.) NOTE: avoid any contact of ethanol liquid or vapor with the meconium.
4. Initiate documentation on the Newborn Drug Screening Chain of Custody and Control form.
5. Collect into the same collection vial until milk stool (24 hrs) appears. FAEE analysis (MecStat EtOH).specimens: Refrigerate and protect from light until ready to be shipped.
6. Initial and date the adhesive barcode strip.
7. Place the tamper proof barcoded specimen seal (from the requisition) over the top and side of the matching meconium specimen container.
8. Match/Verify the patient/donor information (baby’s lab label) on the Chain of Custody and Control form with the baby’s lab label on the specimen.
9.Print and sign your name under the Collector section with the date.
10. Place the completed top copy of the Chain of Custody form in the large pouch of the plastic specimen bag . Place yellow copy in baby’s chart. Place the specimen container in the small pouch of the specimen bag.
11. Remove the adhesive strip on the bag and seal the bag closed.
12. Send specimen to the lab.


Storage Conditions: Refrigerated

Transport Conditions: Ambient


Place the sealed specimen bag in the cardboard box, and close the box. Place the ‘box seal’ sticker over the ‘box security seal’ area. Once the box is sealed, it should NOT be broken! If the box has to be reopened, the person opening it needs to re-verify the requisition with the specimen container to assure the control number and patient/donor information matches, and then resign it in the ‘Sendouts Section Certification’ signature area.

Stability After

Minimum Testing

3 grams

Additional Info:

Class 1: Amphetamines
Class 2: Cocaines
Class 3: Opiates
Class 4: PCP
Class 5: Cannabinoids
Class 6: Methadone
Class 7: Barbiturates
Class 8: Methadone
Class 9: Propoxyphene


CPT Codes:

80301 (Medicare G0431)


2-3 days for negatives/3-5 days for positives

Alternative Names:


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